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Founded by Rick Ferri in 1999, Portfolio Solutions® is an independent investment management firm with more than $1.4 billion* in client investment assets under management.  We specialize in creating balanced portfolios of low-cost index funds with a low 0.37% management fee**, keeping more of your money working for you.

If you have more than $500,000 dollars to invest, Portfolio Solutions® can help you develop an investment portfolio using low-cost index and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to capture market-level returns at the lowest possible cost. 

*As of 2/27/215

**Portfolio Solutions® charges a management fee of 0.37% on the first $3 million in assets under management, and 0.20% for assets greater than $3 million.  For accounts with less than $1 million, a $925 quarterly fee is charged in lieu of the 0.37% management fee.

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